A Visitor’s Guide to the Diversity and Marijuana Dispensaries of Burnaby, BC

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Shortly after British Columbia became an official colony in 1859, Colonel Richard Moody and an envoy of Royal Engineers surveyed the surrounding land. Upon the discovery of a great lake, Colonel Moody christened the body of water after his personal secretary, Robert Burnaby. This meeting of new industry and nature underpinned the city’s development, and is still visible in its landscape and residents today. 

While Burnaby was incorporated in 1892, it would be another century until it officially became a city. Much changed as the city grew: purposeful logging of the surrounding forests built British warships; a naval reserve emerged and would later transform into what is now present-day Central Park; and new industries drove mass settlement and immigration. With a thriving logging industry and the completion of the transcontinental railway, Burnaby transformed into a city occupied by a diverse working-class while still remaining true to its natural roots. 

While Burnaby can attribute much of its diversity to the introduction of new industries, the establishment of two renowned post-secondary institutions in the twentieth century—Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology—helped maintain and expand upon the cultural mosaic

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Things to Do in Burnaby

More than just a historical landmark, Burnaby has many things to offer its inhabitants, whether you’re here for a weekend or are a long-term resident. Interested in a visit? Here’s some of the local highlights.

Declared one of the best places to play in North America by Golf Digest, Burnaby Mountain Golf is situated on 6,400 yards of pristine terrain bordered by a beautiful backdrop of trees. The 18-hole golf course also has a 60-stall driving range. If you’re looking for extra practice or just to hone your game, Burnaby Mountain Golf hosts clinics and instructional programs for plays at any skill level. You can bring your own equipment or rent from their Pro Shop, which offers custom club fitting and even caters to left-handed players. If players are feeling peckish, you can always visit the Clubhouse on site for a meal. The Clubhouse is also available for catering and events, and players can reserve tables online.

Burnaby has bowling enthusiasts covered, too. Enter REVS Bowling and Entertainment Centre. Conveniently located next to Holdom Skytrain station, REVS is touted as the largest 10-pin bowling alley in Western Canada, so if you’re in need of a night out and not sure where to go, this is a great option.

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Parks in Burnaby

If you do like the outdoors but don’t like sports, Burnaby has you more than covered with an array of lush parkland, ranging from more urban fare fit for young families, to breathtaking, mountainous terrain you might need your boots for.

Right next to Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Mountain Park offers some unbelievable views—even by British Columbia’s standards. You could easily spend hours just hiking the trails and enjoying the vistas of downtown Vancouver and the other surrounding mountains, but there’s plenty of more structured activity to be found, too. Feeling flighty? Try the Piper Spit Bird Count, a free bird watching event held on the second Tuesday of every month. Make sure to check out the central Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area for the best glimpses of nature the area has to offer, as well as the otherworldly beauty of the Kamui Mintara Playground of the Gods sculptures.

Burnaby’s Central Park, too, deserves better than to fly under your radar, with 90 hectares of amazing trail for runners and cyclists alike. It’s right on the border of Vancouver, making it easy to get to—no matter your mode of transport. Take a relaxing morning walk, or grab a group in the evening and enjoy a picnic around one of the plentiful park tables.  

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Cannabis Dispensaries in Burnaby

All this talk of parks and introspection might have gotten you craving a different shade of green. Unfortunately, there’s some bad news; Burnaby is home to zero brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries. If you’re looking for cannabis in Burnaby, your options are limited.

While the city lacks dispensaries, Burnaby’s residents and visitors to the city can still take advantage of the legal state of cannabis in Canada thanks to Highgarden Marijuana.

A mobile dispensary with an incredible range of products, Highgarden Marijuana can deliver directly to you

r door. First-timers have nothing to worry about; cannabis is screened before packaging and before delivery, with constant inspection from Highgarden’s experts, letting you be confident in the quality of your product.

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Why Should I Use Cannabis?

Cannabis has a number of properties that made it initially popular for recreational use, before it was propelled to fame and general acceptance as a solution for some medical issues.

Obviously, it gets you high. One of the primary ingredients within cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC for short) has a psychoactive effect on the brain that releases dopamine. To put it plainly, it makes you feel good. How good it makes you feel, how long it lasts, and what other secondary effects it might have on you (from making you hungry to making you tired) depends on a number of other factors.

One of those factors is how you take it. Famously, cannabis can be smoked, but it can be vaporized or even consumed in marijuana-infused food or beverages. How you take it is completely up to you, but note that edible marijuana can take multiple hours to kick in and last for many more once the effects start. When smoked, effects kick in immediately and your high will typically last around two hours.

On the medical side, marijuana is prescribed as a treatment for a range of conditions. Cannabis tends to have a pain-relieving and relaxing effect, which (as you might imagine) is very important for many people. Still, don’t forget to consult with your doctor before taking anything for medicinal purposes. Whether you’re looking for medical or recreational effects, Highgarden Marijuana has you covered. We inspect all of our products for the utmost quality. Most importantly for Burnaby’s residents, you won’t have to go all the way to Vancouver to get your cannabis!

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