Buying Weed Online in British Columbia, Canada

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There are several compelling reasons to buy your marijuana online. If you live on the lower mainland and reside in a populated region such as Vancouver, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of buying cannabis online. This post is for anyone who wants to try marijuana but isn’t sure if they should or what to do after buying weed online.

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Cannabis Culture in British Columbia, Canada

There are few places in the world with a stronger affinity for marijuana than British Columbia. Weed grown there even has its own nickname—B.C. Bud—and a fierce reputation stemming from its respectable strength.

While the herb has only been legal since October 2018 in Canada, British Columbia was more than familiar with its use decades prior to legalization. As of 2004, there were already several cannabis cafes present in the province’s largest city, Vancouver, where users could smoke (but not purchase) cannabis. The police largely left them alone.

 If you haven’t tried marijuana before, BC’s bud is just as worth exploring as its wine. Cannabis has never been more accessible in Canada, and there’s no better spot in the country than British Columbia. For first-timers, we’d recommend purchasing a pre roll (instead of purchasing flower and rolling it yourself,) but there are a few things worth knowing before you start.

First, what strain should you go for? There are hundreds, and their effects can vary significantly. The old rule of thumb is that for an active, focused, or creative high, a Sativa strain is what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you want to relax on the couch with a bag of chips and a great movie, you might want to opt for an Indica strain: these are known for their ‘couch-lock’ effect, making them great for helping with sleep and promoting relaxation. Nothing is quite as simple as that, however—your mileage may vary, so start cautiously and get to know the kind of effect any individual strain has on your body before overindulging.

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Why Buy Weed Online in British Columbia, Canada?

It is now easy to buy marijuana online in British Columbia. Some websites have many different products and delivery options.

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Exploring British Columbia After Your Weed has Arrived

Are you looking for ideas on what to do or where to go after you’ve purchased cannabis in British Columbia? Here are a few of the many locations and activities that you may explore while visiting BC:

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History of British Columbia

Before we start talking about British Columbia and it’s beautiful places, here is a little history of British Columbia (often referenced simply as ‘BC’). 

BC has only existed since 1858 when it was officially named a British colony by Queen Victoria.

However, prior to the arrival of colonists, British Columbia was populated by numerous thriving First Nations. These included the Tlingit, Dene, and Haida, among many more.

The impact of these cultures has remained visible to some extent, with First Nations descendants and other artists continuing to depict and protect the traditional wood-carved totem poles found throughout the province.

Many cities and places in British Columbia have names derived from First Nations languages, such as Squamish and Nanaimo, standing out against classically British names—none more British than Victoria, the largest city on BC’s Vancouver Island.

One of the first things to bring European settlers to the region was the otter population—and their fur. The fur trade (and those explorers who sought to extend it) drew many to Canada in the 1800s, and trading posts soon dotted the landscape.

In fact, many of BC’s modern cities began as these trading posts, including Hudson’s Hope, Kamloops, and Fort Langley. Not long after, the British Columbia Gold Rush began, and the province saw a tremendous influx of people seeking to claim their fortune.

In 1871, BC officially became a province of Canada. Just 14 years later, work was completed on the colossal Canadian Pacific Railway, which stretched from the eastern tip of the country all the way through to British Columbia.

The establishment of a continent-spanning railway significantly increased trade and allowed for movement across the entire width of the country, essentially paving the way for Canada to become the modern power it is today.

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What to Do in British Columbia

In the 21st Century, British Columbia is a thriving province with claims to worldwide recognition. In 2010, BC was the host of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: a perfect location thanks to its abundance of snow-capped mountains, such as Whistler. Those same mountains make for world-class skiing destinations dotted with 13 major ski resorts.

 Visitors are strongly encouraged to take the Sea-to-Sky highway from Vancouver—British Columbia’s most populous city—along the coast to nearby Whistler Blackcomb.

The highway itself is stunning, lined with dramatic mountain scenery and the Pacific Coast’s signature temperate beauty. Don’t feel like driving all the way? Take the Sea-to-Sky Gondola instead to get some incredible views of the surrounding area in a ten-minute journey, which ends 885 meters above sea level. 

Even if wintry mountaintops aren’t your vibe, British Columbia has plenty for you to do. Vancouver alone could keep you busy for weeks in warm or cold months

. Its picture-perfect position, nestled as it is between the sea and the mountains with activities ranging from open-air Shakespeare plays to the fantastic Vancouver Aquarium.

Even better, Stanley Park can be reached by car or by bike (or foot) along the stunning seawall that encircles Vancouver’s downtown core.

Vancouver is the most densely-packed pocket of fun in the province, but you’d be mistaken if that was all you saw in British Columbia.

Vancouver Island is a huge slice of the kind of dramatic coastal beauty the Pacific is famous for and well worth a visit if you’re in the province.

Reach it by ferry—with or without a car—or take to the skies in a seaplane from an airline like Harbor Air for stunning views of the Strait of Georgia.

The coast doesn’t have to be central to every activity in British Columbia—heading inland to visit vineyards in the Okanagan Valley is the often-overlooked highlight of any trip to the province.

It’s Canada’s very own wine country, with over 180 licensed wineries, and you could do a lot worse than staying in the sleepy lakeside city of Kelowna.  

Wine, of course, is a great accompaniment to many of British Columbia’s greatest activities. That said, there might be another kind of intoxication on your mind.