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The city of Calgary is located in the western province of Alberta.  Over the years Calgary has become the 3rd largest municipality in Canada, after Toronto and Montreal.  Calgary is considered to be one of the most liveable cities on the planet and has many beautiful places to see.  One of the most incredible aspects of living in Calgary is enjoying the green spaces and nature.  Many Calgarians have enjoyed seeing the view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the distance on their early morning commute to work.  

Just like most cities, there are a lot of main roads, highways, buildings and houses, but Calgary is truly unique.  Between the dwellings of the big city are green spaces and parks where you can escape from the city life.  If you need or want to relax and unwind, you can take advantage of the parks and green spaces Calgary has to offer.  Fish Creek Provincial Park runs through the city and offers numerous trails, where you can escape into nature, and feel like you’re in a different place, almost like being in the mountains.  All throughout the year many Calgarians take leisurely walks, runs and bike rides on the many trails that Fish Creek has to offer, and in the summers when it’s hot, some like to enjoy the day rafting down the Bow River!  Calgary is one of those cities where you can enjoy the city life but also appreciate the vast and beautiful scenery of the mountains, trees and wildlife.  It’s not uncommon to see deer and other wildlife hanging out on your front lawn! 

If you have some time to spend in Calgary, there are many places you can go to relax and enjoy the day, here are just a few that might peak your interest!

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The Calgary Tower is located in the downtown core of Calgary.  Some features of the Calgary Tower are the observation deck, where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.  If you’re brave, you can also stand on the glass floor and see a birds-eye view of the streets below!  Another feature of the Calgary Tower is the Sky360 restaurant, a revolving restaurant that completes a full rotation every 45 minutes during lunch and a full rotation every hour during dinner, but don’t worry, it won’t make you dizzy!  It’s a nice place to start your sight-seeing adventure if you’re planning to enjoy some time in downtown Calgary!

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The Calgary Zoo is located in the community of Bridgeland, east of downtown Calgary and beside Inglewood and the East Village.  The Calgary Zoo is made up of 120 acres with a portion of zoo that sits on St. George’s Island which is in the Bow River.  The Calgary Zoo houses over 1000 animals, not including fish and insects and is comprised of 7 unique areas; Penguin Plunge, Destination Africa, Canadian Wilds, TransAlta Rainforest, Eurasia, Prehistoric Park, Dorothy Harvie Botanical Gardens and the ENMAX Conservatory.  

The Calgary Zoo is open every single day of the year, except for Christmas day, if you happen to be in Calgary during the winter months, you won’t want to miss the Zoolights festival!  The Zoolights are made up of over 2 million spectacular lights and when it’s all lit up it is one of the most amazing sites to see!  Zoolights is one festival you definitely won’t want to miss!  It’s a perfect place to visit for an evening!  Enjoy ice skating, hot chocolate and the fire pits, with family and close friends or have a romantic evening with your sweetheart!  

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The Calgary Stampede (also known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth) is a 10 day festival that always runs at the beginning of July and has been a long time tradition since 1912.  The Calgary Stampede isn’t just about having fun and games, it’s also about preserving and learning about the values of the western way of life and history.  While you explore the stampede grounds you can find educational places that talk about western culture and history.  There is also the First Nations in Elbow River Camp where you can experience the traditions and cultures of the Tsuut’ina, Siksika, Piikani, Kainai and Stoney Nakoda, it’s a great place to explore and learn about the aboriginal traditions and culture.  They showcase traditional dancing, singing, beautiful art pieces and jewellery and have beautiful tipis displayed.  The Calgary Stampede is all about celebrating western culture and heritage; it’s the community’s spirit that keeps this festival alive!  

This is the only time in Calgary where you will find stampede breakfasts being hosted all around the city and when a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and blue jeans are acceptable attire anywhere!  You could be the “odd one out” if you show up to work in a business suit!  Every year there are tonnes of people that come from all different parts of the world just to experience the Calgary Stampede.  

The Calgary Stampede has the world’s largest outdoor rodeo and holds events for barrel racing, saddle bronc, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, chuck wagon races and bull riding!  There are also many music concerts held at the Calgary Stampede, some places will have country music playing while some other stages may be showcasing up and coming new musical artists.  On top of having numerous events to choose from, there are also many carnival rides and games you can play, suitable for both adults and children! If you get hungry from all the walking, there are a lot of different and unique food choices you can choose from to satisfy your hunger, not just mini doughnuts and corn dogs!  After having a long day of walking, and a full stomach on carnival food, you can stop in at any of the beer gardens situated on the grounds to quench your thirst and perhaps join in on a little bit of line dancing to burn off those calories! You might not be able to experience everything you want in a day and may need to come back a couple of times, but the Calgary Stampede has a little bit of something for everyone! If you lose track of time because you’re having so much fun, the fireworks show starts every night at the stroke of midnight!  

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With so many activities to choose from while you’re in Calgary, the next choice would be what kind of marijuana strain would be ideal to pair with. In order to make that crucial decision we have to understand the 3 categories for cannabis, Indica, Sativa and hybrid.


The origin of Cannabis Indica was found to adapt to the extreme dry and, unexpected climate changes of the Hindu Kush mountain. They were also to grow in countries like, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Turkey.

The appearance of a Cannabis indica plant resembles that of an english bulldog, short and stocky which the leaves grow wide and dark green. An indica plant tend to grow faster than it’s sibling, sativa, and yield more bud as well. 

The effect commonly related to indica is more of a relaxing effect where it would help reduce certain symptoms like nausea, chronic pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. 

Since Indica has been around since the 1970s, many strains have been developed but the legendary strain to this day is the Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush has an estimated 219 direct descendants and goes 10 generations deep!



The Cannabis Sativa grows opposite of it’s sibling, indica, in which they grow tall and with narrow, lighter shade of green leaves. Sativa strives in hot, dry climates like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. The yield with a Sativa Marijuana plant tends to be less than an indica plant and takes a little bit longer to mature.

The effects commonly related to a Sativa Cannabis plant are energizing, creative, social and productive. Medical symptoms such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, depression, and fatigue may be treated with a sativa plant. Durban Poison, Trainwreck and Sour Diesel are example strains of Sativa.

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Can’t make up your mind? Well throughout the year many pot enthusiasts have been cross breeding many strains. So that you get the best of both worlds, indica and sativa. An indica dominant hybrid strain like Purple Kush, Grand Daddy Purple and Nuken have more than 50% indica in its roots.  A sativa dominant hybrid strain like Alaskan Thunder Fu$%, Alien OG and Strawberry Kush have more than 50% sativa in its roots. A balance hybrid like Blue Dream, God’s Green Crack and Critical Haze have almost an equal part of both indica and sativa.

Now we know it’s hard to choose from the abundance of strains out there but rest assured that whatever your problem is with pairing to your activity or medical issue we have you covered at High Garden!

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