Welcome to Vancouver: Exploring the Cannabis Capital of Canada

welcome to vancouver the cannabis capital of canada

Is Vancouver Worth the Visit? 

The industrial, commercial, and financial center of British Columbia, Vancouver is a metropolis cradled in the rich backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. The city exists within a lattice of multicultural neighbourhoods, teeming with dine-and-drink options, upscale shopping centers, and a variety of cultural events occurring year-round.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of Vancouver’s mild climate and bike the Seawall, or walk the trails of Stanley Park and experience the effortless panoramic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Visitors who want to rest their feet can participate in a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour for a guided introduction to the city. Get to know the historic heart of the city by exploring Gastown, or grab a bite to eat in Yaletown.

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The Raincity in a Nutshell

Third on Forbes’ “Most Livable Cities” list, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s also one of the most multicultural places in the world, and serves as a major immigration destination for people from all over Canada and the globe. The pieces that make up the puzzle are Vancouver’s suburbs and neighborhoods. Distinctly unique and culturally diverse, these neighborhoods add to the continuous tapestry of the city and are worth exploring for any visitor.

Take Kitsilano, for instance. This sleepy, tree-laden chunk of Vancouver (just a bridge away from the downtown core) is a quiet haven for residents, full of hidden gems and wooded heritage homes. Try a biscuit doughnut at Chewie’s Biscuits, or visit 24-hour vegetarian restaurant The Naam for great food in the small hours of the night. The best parts are the beaches, which offer stunning views of the North Shore, sand, sea, and ice cream stalls.

East Van, on the other hand, is the geographical and cultural opposite of Kitsilano. Historically home to Vancouver’s working class, East Van has a thriving culture all of its own that stands out proudly as non-conformist and expressive. Vancouver’s Fringe Festival is hosted on Commercial Drive, but independent artists operate and display their work all over the region for everyone to enjoy. 

Nestled between the two on its own peninsula, Downtown Vancouver is a collection of even more unique and flourishing neighborhoods. Robson Street is the peak of modernity and packed to the gills with everything luxury, from the most exclusive fashion brands to some of the finest food in the city. Just a stone’s throw away from the glass and noise of the city’s skyscrapers, the West End feels like a suburb built into a forest. Look to the left and you’ll see the beautiful English Bay, complete with beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in Los Angeles. Turn it to the right, and you’ll see colossal, snow-capped mountains. Look straight ahead and walk that way until you hit the famous Stanley Park, and thank us later. 

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welcome to vancouver

Green Living

Vancouverites come from all over the world, but they have a few things in common. Lululemon was founded there and, as you might expect, its residents are big into their health and wellness. Asking a person on the street what they’re eating is likely to get you into a conversation about whatever cutting-edge diet they’re on, and you’ll run into more than a few keto, vegan, and paleo restaurants on your visit. 

Dine Out Vancouver is a popular festival for everyone, and foodies come from all over to participate. Culinary standards are as high as you’d expect for a large and diverse city, and you can find delicious cuisines originating from all over the world. Some chefs are even experimenting with a brand new ingredient in cuisine: cannabis.

Take a place with beautiful views, mild weather, incredible access to the great outdoors and fill it with people who love to relax and enjoy what nature has to offer, and one thing is almost guaranteed: those people are going to love marijuana. Frequently referred to as the “home of BC bud”, Vancouver is a marijuana mecca. An immensely popular 4/20 event has attracted thousands of smokers every year for decades, and even before legalization, Vancouver’s smokers were living the high life.

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welcome to vancouver

Cannabis Events in Vancouver

Even if you are not a regular user or are brand-new to cannabis, Vancouver gives everyone a warm welcome. There are plenty of ways to experience the cannabis culture in Vancouver. Weed tours are a safe and fun way to learn about the cannabis capital of Canada. Depending on the tour, you could learn more about Vancouver’s historical landmarks, or even join up with other groups and participate in cannabis-themed games and events. 

Interested in other marijuana-centric events? While the annual 4/20 celebrations at Sunshine Beach have been canceled for health and safety reasons this year, you can still celebrate Cannabis Day on July 1 at Thornton Park.

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Where to Purchase Cannabis in Vancouver

Living with the constant threat of rain, Vancouverites have the art of staying indoors down to a tee. Perhaps that’s why cannabis is so popular across the city. Recreational and medical dispensaries are dotted across Vancouver, even since before legalization. With the city’s forward-thinking and progressive approach to health and wellness, the medicinal usage of cannabis across Vancouver continues to grow. 

Medicinally, CBD products are the most common to help with conditions without the “getting high” part that’s typically associated with one of cannabis’ primary components, THC. Recreational users who are after more potent effects can turn to the city’s many dispensaries, which offer a range of options for recreational users looking to sample and explore the effects of cannabis while seeking the right strain for their mood. Considering Vancouver is always at risk of a torrential downpour, you might not want to venture out to visit them, however. That’s where Highgarden comes in: a marijuana delivery service for local Vancouverites and visitors alike. 

Whether you’re looking for quality or variety, Highgarden can help with a range of products for medicinal or recreational use. Highgarden Marijuana is your go-to mobile dispensary for all your cannabis needs. A virtual ‘hemporium’, Highgarden carries a variety of edibles, extracts, and premium flower with hundreds of strains for you to choose from—all delivered right to your door.

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