Cannabis Culture in Manitoba, Canada

cannabis culture in manitoba

Manitoba is a Canadian province that is bordered by Onatrio in the east and Saskatchewan in the west.  It is 1 of 3 prairie provinces and the 5th most populated province with approximately 1.377 million people.  The name Manitoba is believed to have come from 3 different languages Assiniboine, Cree and Ojibwe.  In Assiniboine, minnetoba means “Lake of the Prairie“.  In Cree, manitou-wapow, and in Ojibwe manidoobaa which in both languages means “straits of Manitou, the Great Spirit (also known as Lake Manitoba).  Almost 50% Manitoba is forested and has over 100,000 lakes.  If you enjoy spending time out in nature, and would like to do some activities like hiking and paddling, Manitoba would be a great place to experience some spectacular outdoor adventures! 

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If you’re visiting Manitoba, Churchill also known as “Polar Bear Capital”, is one place you need to visit!  You’ll have to plan ahead on how to get there, but it’s definitely worth it.  Churchill is only accessible by train or by air, it is a remote community that is located on the Hudson’s Bay.  Depending on when you want to visit this tourist attraction, you can have the opportunity to see polar bears, beluga whales or enjoy the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights). If you’d like to see the polar bears trekking through Churchill to get to the Hudson’s Bay, the best time to go is during October and November.  Be sure to dress properly as the winter temperatures are way below freezing, it’s -45℃ (-25℉)!  Bring your insulated parka, extra layers of clothing, snow pants, winter boots, and anything else you need to help keep you warm, heavy duty winter gear will be needed to go on this journey!  If you’d like to see the beluga whales, the best time to see them would be between June to September.  The summer temperatures can range anywhere from 6 – 25℃ (42-85℉).  You won’t need any winter gear for this time of month, but really good hiking boots, waterproof jacket, insect repellant, sunscreen, shorts and pants are some of the items you’ll need to bring.  If you want to see the Northern Lights, Churchill is ranked as one of top 3 places in the world to see these beautiful dancing lights!  If you want to see this spectacular view the best time to go is between the months of January to March.  No matter which outdoor adventure you choose to do, Churchill would be a really cool place to visit! 

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Hiking and Paddling in Manitoba

Manitoba has numerous hiking trails and lakes you can paddle through, each ranging in various degrees of difficulty.  If you’re a new or experienced hiker, one advantage of hiking in Manitoba is that you’ll never have to worry about us suffering from altitude sickness!  Here’s a couple that might peak your interest.

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Disappearing Lakes Interpretive Trail

The Disappearing Lakes Interpretive Trail is a fairly easy hiking trail that takes about 1 hour to hike (1.5 km).  It’s a pleasant place to go for an easy, day hike, where you can enjoy walking on the grass pathways and enjoy the aspen forest, shallow lakes, woods and meadows, and perhaps  even see some moose!

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Mantario Trail

If you’re an experienced hiker and want to try something more challenging Mantario Trail might be the trail for you!  The full trek takes about 3 to 5 days (66 km) and is the longest Canadian Shield trail in Western Canada.  Mantario Trail is quite challenging, but being surrounded by nature and enjoying all the wild beauty this trail has to offer, makes this trek worthwhile!  If you don’t want to do the whole trek, you can try the day hike which takes about 6 hours.  It’s a hell of a lot shorter, but you can still experience the challenges and beauty of this trail.     

Manitoba is also an excellent place for paddling.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced,you can find a lake that will suit your paddling ability.  Here’s a couple you might like to try!

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La Barriere Park

La Barriere Park is an excellent place for beginners. It provides a relaxed setting for paddling within the city limits and a beautiful view of La Salle River. Paddle Manitoba offers Wednesday evenings as an open paddle session with Charles Burchill, it’s a good starting point if you’d like to learn how to paddle.

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Pinawa Channel

Pinawa Channel was excavated more than a century ago and has been a popular choice for novice paddlers.  Wild Harmony Canoe Adventures offers a scenic day trip where you can see steep rock cliffs, a turtle nesting area and waterfalls.  Keep an eye out for geese and ducks.  If you’re lucky you might also be able to see the rare trumpeter swan!  This day trip is approximately 5 hours , slow moving water with swift sections, no upstream paddling and 2 portages.  Don’t worry, you won’t be paddling the whole time!  The day trip also has a break somewhere in the middle for lunch and the final stop is the Old Pinawa Dam Provincial Historic Park.

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All in all Manitoba has got some spectacular places to visit, and various activities to enjoy.  Perhaps at the end of the day, you may want to relax and unwind with a cannabis session.  Most cannabis users have experienced the more traditional methods of consuming marijuana like smoking a joint or packing a bowl.  Nowadays, a newer method of consuming marijuana is through cannabis vape pens and dabbing.  If you’re planning a trip, or even if you’re not but you just want to be more discreet about your marijuana consumption, cannabis vape cartridges might be an option.  If you’re curious and find yourself asking, what is cannabis oil, shatter and wax extracts?  Keep on reading to get a basic idea of what each of them are.  Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. Shatter is a translucent type of extract, that has an oily consistency and has a glass-like appearance. Wax extracts are a crystallized, non- transparent oil.  The consistency of wax extracts can range from gooey to soft and brittle.  If the wax extract contains more moisture it creates a gooey texture sometimes referred to as “budder”.  “Crumble” or “honeycomb” is used to describe the harder wax that has a soft and brittle texture.  In general, the term wax can be used to describe any of these textures.  Cannabis oil, shatter and wax extracts are used when consuming cannabis through the method of dabbing or when using cannabis vape pens.  Whether you are dabbing or vaping cannabis you can try each type and decide which product works best for you.   

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