Cannabis Culture in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba is the largest and 7th most populated city in the province of Manitoba with an approximate population of 753,700 (2018).  Winnipeg is bounded by Ontaria in the east and Saskatchewan in the west, because of where Winnipeg is located, it has been prone to high arctic pressure systems which tends to bring in a lot of cold air.  One of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in Winnipeg was -47.8°C (-54°F) in December 1879.  Winnipeg is also known by many other different names such as Winterpeg, Chicago of the North, the Windy City, Slurpee Capital of the World and the Gateway to the West.  You can see how some of the nicknames came to be.

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The Forks

The heart of Winnipeg lies at a historic site intersection which is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers called The Forks.  For over 6,000 years The Forks has been considered as a meeting place.  The Forks has ample green space which has been used for exhibits, festivals and concerts and has also had many warehouses that have been converted into shops and restaurants.  

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Interesting facts about Winnipeg  

If you’re planning a trip out to Winnipeg, here’s a few fun facts that might entice you to add something to your sightseeing list or even be part of an event!

  1. You have got to have a slurpee and be a part of their winning streak!  Winnipeg is known as the Slurpee Capital, the residents of Winnipeg have held this title for the last 20 years!  These frozen flavoured drinks, which are sold by 7-Eleven sell about 188,833 slurpee drinks to Winnipeggers per month!  Who would’ve thought that one of coldest cities in the world, would have the most slurpee drinkers!

2 If you like ice skating, Winnipeg has the longest skating rink in the world, 8.5 km to be exact!  Come and enjoy a nice long ice skating excursion down the naturally freezing Red and Assiboine Rivers.  

  1. The first educational institution in Western Canada is located in Winnipeg.  Université de Saint-Boniface was established in 1818, and also helped to found the University of Manitoba in 1877.
  2. Not everyone is a fan of snakes, but if you are, the Narcisse Snake Dens in Winnipeg would be a cool place to visit in early May, when thousands of red-sided garter snakes come out to mingle and mate in one of the biggest mating dens in the world.
  3. If you’re visiting Winnipeg in the summer, come and enjoy 4 days of fun at the Winnipeg Folk Festival!  The Winnipeg Folk Festival was created in 1974 and has grown to be the oldest and largest folk festival in the world!  Every year from July 09th to July 12,  people from everywhere have come to enjoy live music.  
  4. Have you ever wondered where money comes from, come to Winnipeg!  The Royal Canadian Mint makes more than 55 billion coins for over 75 countries!  If you want to see how metal turns into loonies (Canadian 1 dollar coin) and toonies (Canadian 2 dollar coin) and other forms of currency, you can take a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint!

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These are just a few of the activities and tourist attractions you might want to experience, but whenever you decide to come and visit you won’t be disappointed with what Winnipeg has to offer.  

During your visit to Winnipeg, maybe after a day of sightseeing you might be wanting some cannabis to do some chilling and relaxing or maybe, you might need a wake and bake kick in the early morning from a late night.  Just out of your own curiosity while in Winnipeg, you may be wondering,…”what are popular marijuana strains for Winnipeggers?”  Based on our Winnipeg members at Marijuana Highgarden, our Winnipeg cannabis consumers like, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Gelato, and Alien OG!  Here’s a little rundown on each marijuana hybrid strain , try one or try all!

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Blue Dream     

Don’t get fooled by it’s name, it won’t make you sleepy!  Blue Dream is a sativa dominant strain that was created from crossing Blueberry and Haze.  You’ll love that sweet berry aroma and the fruity berry flavour that will linger in your mouth!  This sativa dominant strain gives you the sensation of feeling motivated and a sense  heightened focus.  Cannabis enthusiasts would find Blue Dream perfect for day time use!

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Pink Kush

Pink Kush is a highly indica dominant strain, although its lineage is not known, many believe Pink Kush is a descendent from OG Kush.  This indica dominant hybrid is quite calming and very euphoric.  Pink Kush is considered to be potent, a little goes a long way.  Pink Kush is not just popular with our Winnipeg cannabis members, it is also a popular marijuana hybrid strain all over Canada.   Pink Kush is an excellent marijuana hybrid strain for night time use!

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Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain, bred from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  This indica dominant hybrid tastes sweet and fruity with hints of citrus flavours.  Gelato gives an uplifting effect with a sense of focused energy that won’t leave you couch locked.  Gelato leaves you with a blissful high that leaves you relaxed and calm.  This maijuana hybrid would be an excellent choice for day time use!  

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Alien OG

Alien OG is an equally balanced indica sativa marijuana hybrid.  Alien OG is cross from Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, its aroma is of lemon and pine and has a flavour that tastes just the same.  This hybrid strain leaves you with a happy euphoric high and stimulates creativity.  Alien OG is considered to be a heavy hitter, and depending on the user, each cannabis consumer may experience more or less of each of the sativa and indica effects.   

After reading a little about each one of these MJ strains, one might come to the conclusion that maybe, the reason these marijuan hybrid strains are popular in the Slurpee Capital, could be because of the sweet flavour these cannabis strains have to offer?  Putting flavour aside, the euphoric effects of any one of marijuana hybrid strains could be the perfect way to start your morning or end your day!  These marijuana hybrid strains are a must try for cannabis enthusiasts!   

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