Cannabis Green Walks in Regina

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Regina the second largest city in the province of Saskatchewan and in 2019 had an estimated population of 261,364.  Interestingly before Regina got its name, there were a few names before it.  A long time ago the land was sometimes called “Pile O Bones”, because of all the buffalo bones that were kept in the area for fertilizer.  The pile of bones sometimes towered over 6 feet high and were shipped to the east.  In the past Regina was also called Wascana, which means buffalo bones in Cree and then later in 1882 in honour of Queen Victoria was renamed Regina which means queen in Latin.       

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Hot Spots to visit in Regina

wascana park regina and cannabis

Wascana Centre Park

Wascana Centre was created in 1962 and is located in the heart of Regina.  The beautifully landscaped green space was meant to be for recreation and beauty.  Wascana Centre has been of tremendous value to Regina residents, as it has provided many benefits for work, education, natural preservation and recreation.  Wascana Centre is also home to the world’s largest Western painted turtle, Olga!  In 2015 Olga’s hardshell set the record, measuring at 10.47 inches long! Wascana Centre Park is one of the biggest green spaces and occupies 2,300 acres.  If you need a comparison to how big Wascana Centre Park is, it’s equivalent to Vancouver’s Stanley Park and New York’s Central Park combined!  Alberta Street Memorial Bridge is also said to be the longest bridge over the shortest span of water.  Over the years Wascana Centre has become internationally known.  Olga likes having visitors and the vast green space suits Olga just fine!  If you like taking long strolls this might be just the right place for you to visit!

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Curling in regina and cannabis

Curling and Regina

In 2001 curling was named Saskatchewan’s official sport.  Some of the best known curlers are from Regina. If you’re a curling fan you might know who some of these guys are!  During the 1950’s and 1960’s the Richardson brothers won 4 Canadian and World men’s championships. Sandra Schmirler was also big in the 90’s, her team won 3 Canadian and 3 world women’s championships and won the first gold medal in the 1998 Olympics!   

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Milky Way

Established in 1956 the Milky Way is the most well known ice cream parlor in town!  They’re especially known for their delicious ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream cakes and doughnuts.  There are a variety of flavors to choose from, from nutty and sweet and everything in between!  Try pistachio to coconut, custard to blueberry or even blue licorice!  If you can’t decide on what flavor to get, you can always get 2 scoops of their flavor of the day (FOD), which is always a nice treat!  If you don’t feel like ice cream, try any one of their yummy milkshakes, peanut butter and jam is a favorite!

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Most people may find growing cannabis quite tedious, the key is to start small.  Trying to grow a few cannabis plants is easier in the beginning.  Starting a small grow space is a lot easier to maintain and helps to keep your grow costs low.  Killing a few cannabis plants along the way is easier to replace than trying to replace many!  If you’re up for the challenge and not sure how to begin, here’s some basic steps on how to start growing cannabis indoors!    

  1.  Pick a place you’d like to grow it

Your grow room can be any size you choose, the size of space really just depends on how many plants you’d like to start growing.  A good growing space could be a closet, cabinet, spare room, tent or a space in an unfurnished basement.

  1. Determine what kind of cannabis grow lights are suitable for your needs

There are a few different types of grow lights you can choose from, fluorescent grow lights, LED grow lights and HID lamps (high intensity discharge lights).  If you’re just learning how to grow marijuana indoors or just trying it out as hobby, choose the type of lighting that you think will be the easiest for you to use

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Fluorescent Lighting

Using fluorescent grow lights has some advantages and disadvantages, but it would be a good choice for you if you’re new to cannabis cultivation  or would like to try it as a new hobby.  The 3 advantages of using fluorescent lighting is that it’s cheaper to purchase, everything you need to set up is included in the package and there is no cooling system needed.  The downside of using this system is that you need space to set up the fluorescent lights and it gives off 20-30% less light per watt. 

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LED Lighting

The advantages of using LED lighting is that they are very efficient light fixtures for growing cannabis.  LED lights last longer, use way less energy, create less heat and give off a wider range of light, which in turn can result in better quality and growth for your cannabis plants.  The downside of using LED lights is the cost.  LED light fixtures can cost up to 10 times more than what HID lighting can cost.  It is best to review the types of LED lighting available before purchasing them because not all LED lights are made the same.

There are 2 main kinds of high intensity discharge lights. Metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium lights (HPS).  

Metal Halide (MH) lights are good for when growing cannabis in the vegeative stage.  This type of light gives off a bluish white tint.  High pressure sodium lights (HPS) are good for when your cannabis plants are in the flowering stage. HPS lights give off an orange to red tint.

HID lights are the most commonly used because of their high light output, efficiency and value, but are the most expensive.  When you’re setting up your HID lights, each HID light needs to have a ballast and hood/reflector.  There are 2 types of ballasts you can choose from, magnetic ballasts and digital ballasts.  Magnetic ballasts are cheaper than digital ballasts but they are a lot harder on your bulbs and less efficient.  Digital ballasts are a little more expensive but provide better efficiency but some digital ballasts may also cause some electromagnetic interference.  HID lights cause a lot of heat, so having proper ventilation, (ex. exhaust fans and ducting) is a must. 

  1. Cannabis plants need air

Just like any other plants, marijuana plants also need fresh air, so it’s important to have the air circulating in your grow space.  Having an exhaust fan situated at the top of your grow space and an air inlet situated on the other side of your grow space, closer to the floor is essential when growing cannabis.  Because of the heat that is being given off from the lighting you need something to take away the hot air being produced.  It’s important to keep the temperature in your space suitable for the type of marijuana strains you’re growing.  It’s important to keep a steady temperature for your cannabis plants, usually approximately around 21- 29℃ (70-85℉) when the lights are on and 14 – 21℃ (58-70℉) when the lights are off.  Some indica strains prefer cooler temperatures, while other marijuana strains prefer higher temperatures.  

  1. Monitoring climate control

All you need is a 24 hr timer that can automatically the times when your lights need to be on and off, typically lights to be on for 18 hrs/day for when your cannabis is in the vegetative state and 12 hrs/day at the flowering stage.  It is important to stay consistent in monitoring the temperature and having the lights turn on and off at the scheduled times, this will help prevent your cannabis from getting stressed. 

  1. How do you want to grow your marijuana?

There are 2 different ways you can choose to grow your marijuana.  The first is soil and the second is hydroponics.

Soil is an excellent choice for beginners, it’s the simplest way to grow to marijuana, however it is important to use a high quality potting soil that doesn’t have extended release fertilizer like Miracle Gro.  Another type of soil that is perfect for growing cannabis is pre-fertilized organic soil.  Pre-fertilized organic soil can grow your marijuana all the way until the end without having to add extra nutrients!  Pre-fertilized soil is also known as “super soil”.

The second option is hydroponics, which is the process of growing plants in a soilless mixture that contains such materials as expanded clay pebbles, rockwool and vermiculite.  Hydroponics is a technique that is used for faster absorption of nutrients to make plants grow at a faster rate and bigger.  One disadvantage of hydroponics is that your cannabis can become extremely sensitive to over and under feeding. 

  1. Containers

There are few different types of containers you can choose from to grow your cannabis plants, some of these include “smart pots”, disposable perforated plastic bags, cloth bags and even 5 gallon buckets.   The most important thing to remember when choosing your containers is to make sure that the containers have drainage holes,  Marijuana plants are very sensitive to fungal root disease.

  1. Feeding you plants

Cannabis plants get hungry too!  If you’re not using pre-fertilized organic soil, you will have to feed your plants at least once a week with a combination of macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and micronutrients (Calcium,Magnesium,Iron and Copper).  Cannabis plant food can be found in a concentrated liquid or powder form and usually has to be mixed with water.  During its plant cycle if your cannabis is in a vegetative stage, more nitrogen, and during its flowering stage needs more phosphorus. 


  1. Watering

Overwatering is a common mistake for new cannabis cultivators.  In order to prevent this from happening wait until the marijuana leaves start to droop before watering.  Overwatering can cause fungal root diseases and can be deadly for marijuana plants.  Depending on where you live, if your water supply has a high level of chlorine, using filtered water to water your cannabis plants may be beneficial as chlorine can be harmful to soil microbes.    

All in all, if you’ve got other plants at home you’ve already made it to the halfway point for growing cannabis, there’s just a couple extra steps in between for cultivating marijuana.  Remember, start small, take your time and do your research to find out what kind of supplies you’d like to use.  Once you’ve got the hang of growing cannabis you may find it to be quite rewarding so be patient and happy cultivating!

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