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Located just off of the coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is over 32,000 kilometers of temperate rainforest and rugged mountains. The largest island in the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, Vancouver Island boasts a rich history of First Nation heritage intertwined with English and Spanish influences.

The island is the ancestral home of the Kwakwaka’wakw (or Kwakiutl), Nuu-chah-nulth, and the Coast Salish indigenous peoples. These First Nations groups lived according to the land; rich natural resources and a reverence for the land and its bounty had a profound effect on their culture. Even today, visitors to Vancouver Island can see visual imprints of these influences in hand-carved totem poles and other artifacts of Indigenous art that immortalize the rich natural world of the Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver Island’s discovery dates back to 1778, when Captain Cook arrived at Nootka Island. While Nootka Sound and several adjacent inlets separated Cook from the larger island, it wasn’t long until exploration expanded across the Pacific Northwest. Spanish and English expeditions continued for decades, and the island was dubbed ‘Vancouver’s and Quadra’s Island’ after Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra and George Vancouver reached a resolution in 1792 following what was known as the Nootka Crisis. Eventually, Bodega y Quadra’s name was used for a smaller adjacent island, and ‘Vancouver’s and Quadra’s Island’ became the Vancouver Island we know today.

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Getting to Vancouver Island

The unique blend of First Nations culture, European influence, and unparalleled natural beauty make Vancouver Island an excellent destination for any travel-bug, whether you are looking to explore the European charm of Victoria or itching to hit those hiking trails.

Getting to the island is easy, thanks to the number of ferries that service mainland British Columbia and the state of Washington. BC Ferries operate a regular ferry service from Tsawwassen, located near the city of Vancouver, to multiple terminals on the island, from Swartz Bay in the south, to Duke Point near Nanaimo. BC Ferries also offers ferry service from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver to Departure Bay in Nanaimo.

BC Ferries has routine trips between the terminals, with ferries operating approximately every two hours. Additional ferry services service routes from Powell River to Comox, and Port Hardy to Prince Rupert. The Black Ball Ferry Line also has routes from Victoria’s inner harbor to Port Angeles, Washington. Walk-on services are available for all ferry lines, but it is recommended that you book ahead of time, especially if you are bringing a vehicle or traveling with a group of people.

If traveling by boat isn’t your style, visitors can still experience the island life without risking sea-sickness. Victoria’s airport has flights from numerous destinations in the country, and Comox’s airport has several connections in central Canada. Why not combine the two into a memorable experience and travel by floatplane? There are numerous floatplane facilities that service Victoria and Maple Bay, but also offer travel to the more remote Gulf Islands that pepper the surrounding area. Harbour Air and Salt Spring Air even offer travel to the island straight from downtown Vancouver.

Once you’re here, Vancouver Island supplies an expansive network of highways and roads with some of the best mountain and ocean views. Bring your vehicle, RV, motorcycle, or bike, or rent one when you arrive and explore to your heart’s content.

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Growing Cannabis on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island has the warmest climate in all of Canada, with temperate conditions able to support the growth of some subtropical plants, such as olives and lemons. The mild Canadian climate makes for ideal growing conditions for cannabis, but it’s important to be aware of federal laws before you begin.

Since recreational cannabis use was first declared legal in Canada, marijuana users have been permitted to grow their own without a medical license. There is a limit of four plants per household. If grown outdoors, the plants cannot be visible to the public. Fortunately, there are numerous indoor growing options available for every budget, from growing tents to hydroponic boxes.

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Benefits of Growing Your Own Weed

  1. Savings: While the initial start-up costs may seem daunting, growing your own marijuana can mean big savings. Plants have multiple harvests, and a single cannabis plant has been known to produce over a pound of flower.
  1. Versatility: Whether you are growing in a small or large space, indoors or outdoors, there are many different ways to start your first crop of cannabis. There are a whole host of options available for you, from what strains you want to produce to how you approach the growing process.
  1. Quality: Growing your own cannabis means more control over the product you want, ensuring its purity and quality. Want to use pesticides to protect your places or prefer to keep an organic process? Either way, you can produce the exact product that you want, with a growing process you trust.
  1. Enjoy a New Hobby: Growing cannabis can mean discovering a new hobby or honing an old skill, but whether you’re a lifelong gardener or someone just starting out, flexing your green thumb can be therapeutic and rewarding. 

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Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds?

 Ready to start growing your own green? Highgarden Marijuana Dispensary is here to help you get started! We have seeds for all your needs, with over twenty varieties for you to choose from. For smokers who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, we have CBD-rich strains known for their therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects. If you’re after something with a high THC content and more sedating effects, try any one of our Indica strains, which can give the user a relaxing, meditative high. Recreational users looking for a more energetic effect might find a Sativa strain to be uplifting high they’re after.

Still don’t know what seeds you would like to purchase? Try ordering a variety and find your favourite. Our hand-picked seeds are inspected for quality to ensure that you can grow fragrant and flavourful buds. Our seed selection is thoughtfully curated, offering you a variety of seeds so you can get the strain you want with the quality you deserve.

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