Richmond, BC: A Brief Look at the History and Cannabis Culture of the City

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Situated along Canada’s west coast in the province of British Columbia, Richmond’s people and geography have a rich history. Richmond’s beauty is evident in its seventeen islands, ocean and river views, and diverse population of nearly 230,00 people—60% of whom are immigrants. Its roots stem back to 1879 when it was recognized as a municipality and later made an official city on December 3rd, 1990. Before that, Richmond was a rich land with access to fishing and an abundance of berries, offering a great place to live for First Nations people like the Coast Salish Bands who first inhabited the land. 

When European settlers arrived in the 1860s and began farming along the Fraser River, the settlers had to be strong in the face of flooding and other challenges. After settlers implemented dikes to control the floods, Richmond was able to build a stable agricultural economy. The Fraser River provided rich soil and a booming fish population, which quickly became a core feature of the settlement. Steveston Village in Richmond was founded in the 1880s and grew into a large salmon canning center and fishery.

Richmond’s fish market quickly attracted many immigrants, particularly Japanese fishermen, and the city’s culturally diverse population continued to grow as the railway brought Chinese immigrants and more settlers from Canada’s east coast. Today, Richmond’s beautiful coastal land and rich resources continue to attract a steady stream of diverse immigrants and visitors. As a result, its burgeoning industries of agriculture, aviation, film, health, manufacturing, retail, technology, and tourism go from strength-to-strength.

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What is There to Do in Richmond?        

The home of Vancouver’s International Airport, Richmond is conveniently situated for both visitors and residents. Whether you prefer to visit tourist destinations, dine out at local hidden-gem restaurants, check out the latest festivals, or find your zen in nature, the city of Richmond has an endless list of activities for anyone. 

For the outdoor explorer, Richmond offers one hundred parks, an eighty-kilometer system of dike trails, cycling routes, walkways, and the Richmond Nature Park. If you’re more interested in arts, culture, and history, you can experience Richmond’s multiple community and culture centers, historical sites like the Steveston Fishing Village, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, and the Britannia Heritage Shipyard National Historic Site, as well as local art galleries and museums. To see Richmond’s cultural diversity in action, check out the International Buddhist Temple, the Richmond World Festival, or Richmond Culture Days.

With all these options for tourists and locals alike, it is no wonder that Richmond has been awarded many achievements such as the World Leisure Community of Excellence Award, and the Global Active City Award. Richmond is also one of three Canadian cities granted the Accessible Cities Award, reflecting the city’s welcoming and inclusive nature. 

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Richmond’s Cannabis Culture

On October 17th, 2018 non-medical cannabis became legal in Canada. This was a massive step that translates to safer access, better quality, and huge benefits to the economy through the emergence of a booming industry. Unfortunately, the City of Richmond has decided to prohibit the retail sale of cannabis.

Luckily there are still many options for Richmond locals to access and purchase cannabis. For those who can travel, there are many cannabis retailers in Vancouver, just a short trip across the Fraser River, but that’s a long way to go for weed. Fortunately, Highgarden can help with that.

Whether you’re looking for quality or variety, Highgarden can help with a range of products for medicinal or recreational use. Better yet, Highgarden Marijuana comes to you, ensuring that Richmond’s residents don’t need to take the trip all the way to neighboring Vancouver for their cannabis needs. Highgarden Marijuana is your go-to mobile dispensary; a virtual ‘hemporium’ of edibles, extracts, and premium flower with hundreds of strains for you to choose from—all delivered right to your door.

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Why Should I Use Cannabis?

Cannabis is a great option for those who want a natural way to relax, have fun, or even relieve stress and reduce pain. If you don’t like smoking, that’s okay; vaporizing ground flower or even extracts is a popular option that still delivers the desired effects without any smoke. There’s also the option of edibles—cannabis-infused food like gummies or chocolates that taste great and get you high in the process.

There’s still plenty of research to be done around marijuana and its effects, but some things are clear at this point. If you are looking to relax and reduce pain, seek out CBD-dominant strains, which may offer physical benefits without as much of a ‘high’. That high tends to come from THC, the other key chemical component of cannabis. If you’re looking to use cannabis for relaxation and your own personal enjoyment, you might want to seek out a strain that’s high in THC.

Whether you opt for CBD or THC, cannabis products are a great alternative for combatting an array of problems. While it may seem daunting to find the right product that will produce the desired effects, Highgarden Marijuana helps sift through the smoke-and-mirrors of other dispensaries. Take advantage of Highgarden’s vast online inventory, and ensure you’re getting a high-grade product that suits your needs.

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