Using Cannabis in Kelowna

Using cannabis in kelowna

The city of Kelowna gained its name in 1892, after the Salish word for “grizzly bear.” Kelowna is the third most populous city in British Columbia, and is located on the Okanagan Lake in the province’s southern interior. While the small city is a growing metropolis, it continues to be known for its rural past, evident in the many vineyards, wineries, and sprawling orchards in the surrounding Okanagan Valley area.

In its early beginnings, the area was known for its rich resources and eventually became an established fur trading centre. When the fur trade industry dwindled, the gold rush flowered and prompted further settlement of the Okanagan Valley. Despite a modest population of just 600 people, Kelowna was officially incorporated as a city in 1905.

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Things to Do in Kelowna

Kelowna is an outdoor wonderland, offering a diverse array of activities for the outdoor-enthusiast from biking, skiing, golfing, boating, and fishing. Go hiking on a trail through one of the local parks, or enjoy the panoramic mountain views from Kelowna’s pristine beaches.

Looking to enjoy the world-famous lakeside views while staying indoors? While the night-life of Kelowna may be less prominent than that of bigger cities, there are a multitude of eateries, bars, and shops for visitors to check out, as well as a thriving art scene.

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Wineries in Kelowna

 You can’t talk about Kelowna without mentioning wine. The city is home to internationally-recognized vineyards that produce some of the best wines in the world. With over 40 wineries in the area, Kelowna is the perfect place to enjoy a local vintage. Learn about wine at the BC Wine Museum or take a guided wine tour.

Want to check out a winery during your stay? Here’s a brief look into some of the highest-rated ones in Kelowna.

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1.   The View Winery and Vineyard

This winery is the home of Canada’s first wine in a can, but don’t let that fool you; this vineyard is packed to the brim with rustic charm. Originally an apple-picking farm, the vineyard has maintained the original structure that was built back in 1922. Easily distinguishable by its red shoe logo, The View Winery is a great blend of modernity and vintage aesthetics and has a wide offering of wines as well as crisp cider.

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2.   The Vibrant Vine

Voted the number one winery experience in British Columbia by Trip Advisor, The Vibrant Vine is well-worth visiting. The Vibrant Vine offers a radically different experience from other wineries. Upon entering, guests are given a pair of 3D glasses to view the artwork on the walls, wine bottles, and even in the gift shop, transforming your wine-tasting into an unforgettable experience. But The Vibrant Vine doesn’t just rely on cool gimmicks; the wines themselves are just as memorable as the 3D artwork.

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3.   Cedar Creek Estate Winery

If you’re looking to enjoy a glass of wine with some amazing views, Cedar Creek Estate is the winery to check out. Located right along the shoreline of Lake Okanagan, Cedar Creek Estate Winery has stunning views for you to soak in while you sip. Enjoy the lakeside scenery right in Cedar Creek’s dining room, where you can also enjoy fabulous farm-to-table meal pairings with your wine.

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Using Cannabis in Kelowna

Looking for a different kind of buzz? Cannabis is widely used in Kelowna, and there are multiple weed tours offered in the area for you to truly experience local cannabis culture. Try a “buds and suds” tour where you can enjoy local breweries while having a toke along the way.

Keep in mind that it is not legal to smoke weed in any of Kelowna’s public parks or beaches. It’s always a good idea to check in on local bylaws so you know where you can legally consume cannabis.

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How Do I Use Cannabis?

If you’re relatively new to the scene, chances are you don’t know exactly where to start. There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis, and it’s important to know which one works best for you. To help you demystify the ins-and-outs of cannabis consumption, here are a few of the ways you can use cannabis.

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Smoking involves the combustion of the cannabis flower and can be done in a multitude of ways. Pipes, bongs, and joints are some of the more popular methods for smoking cannabis, but some people use single-use homemade devices like gravity bongs or apple pipes.

Rolling your own joints takes practice, but there are devices out there to help you get started. Rolling machines simplify the process and are available at smoke shops and some convenience stores. If you still have difficulty, you can try using a rolling cone. With a rolling cone, just put your ground flower inside, twist the end shut, and you’re ready to smoke your joint!

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Vaporizing marijuana


Instead of combusting weed with direct heat like smoking does, vapourizing heats it indirectly with a convection heating system. This means that you get a tastier, lighter smoke that is full in flavour and doesn’t burn your throat. The resulting high is different than smoking, often milder and more of a body high. For this reason, vaping is a good way for newbies to be introduced to cannabis without greening out. Vapourizing is thought to be one of the healthier ways to smoke cannabis, and the vapour itself is subtler in odor than cannabis smoke.

Vapourizing cannabis is more discreet and health-conscious than smoking it, but it does require the right tools. Getting a vapourizer for dried flower can cost anywhere from less than a hundred to thousands of dollars. Devices range from stationary volcano vaporizers to portable, handheld ones.

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Oral consumption includes tinctures, ingestible oils, spray, and edibles, which are THC-infused food and drinks. Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract that is faster-absorbing than other ingestable methods. The user places a couple of drops under the tongue where it is absorbed into the bloodstream instead of being processed through the digestive system. Typically ingestion methods take much longer than smoking to feel the effects, and the high is longer-lasting. Depending on your body and metabolism, it can take 60-90 minutes until you start feeling the effects, and the high can sometimes last as long as 7-12 hours.

Ingesting cannabis through these methods can be very beneficial, as you have more control over the dosage and can tailor it to suit your needs. However, it’s important to start low and go slow, as anything that’s been ingested is hard to undo.

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