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When we talk about pre rolls, we mean joints or blunts that are already “preloaded” so you don’t even have to touch it with your hands. You can roll your marijuana in any type of rolling paper you like. Usually, pre rolls are made with a filter or crutch which makes it easier to smoke. However, if you don’t have a filter, you could use a cardboard filter which is popularly known as a “roach” to pre-filter the rolled joint.

Can I buy weed pre rolls online in Toronto?

Nowadays pre-rolls are extremely popular. People have different preferences when it comes to pre rolling their own weed or purchasing them preloaded. Pre rolls are available in many dispensaries as well online, so you could get it even easier! It’s also an advantage for medicinal marijuana users since pre roll joints can be transported more easily compared to loose marijuana.

How much weed is in a joint?

When rolling, you need to estimate how much weed is needed for one joint.

One gram of marijuana usually produces about .5-1g joints so if you want more out of each bud, be sure to break up the bud with your fingers first.

We know of two ways on how to pre roll a joint:

  • The first way is to place your bud in the rolling paper and make a cone.
  • The second way is to fill up the entire joint with marijuana, making it rounder. We recommend you watch the video below on how to roll a joint, for better rolling techniques.
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How much is a dub of “weed”?

A dub is considered two grams of marijuana. Dubs are usually sold in singles packs of 3 or 5.

Joints are usually packaged in quantities of .75 to 1.25 grams, depending on the weight of your joint. A half (3/4) of a joint usually contains around 0.5 to 0.75 grams each and a full (1.0) joint contains approximately 1.25 grams each.

How much weed is in a blunt?

Blunts usually contain around 1.0-2.0 grams of marijuana each, depending on how much you pack inside. Smoking a blunt is thicker compared to smoking a joint. We always suggest that if you are smoking a blunt and you are a beginner in medical marijuana, its better to share in social gatherings.

What are the best blunts in the world?

There are many blunts out there and different brands and producers put their own twist on them to make them unique. Some of the best blunts we have seen in Toronto Canada dispensaries is Backwoods, Swisher Sweets and Dutch Masters. They all come in flavors such as grape, chocolate, strawberry and whatever your taste buds desire!

Can I buy cannabis pre rolls online at High Garden Marijuana?

High Garden Marijuana provides pre rolls to its patients in Toronto and all over Canada.

Yes, you can! High Garden sells packs of 1, 3 and 5 dubs each. They are available for purchase online at our store.