Canada’s Finest Cannabis Collection

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Canada being named one of the best countries for having some of the finest craft cannabis in the world. While Canada has this name, BC shares most of the claim. With our premium cannabis collection, find the most up to date cannabis products and hottest trends. We serve all types of cannabis smokers whether being recreational or medical users.

Outdoor Activities With Our Cannabis Collection

Many are the adventurous type and like to explore their city or neighborhood by walking around high. Inspecting every nook and cranny of a neighborhood is very entertaining finding things that just stand out or fit just perfectly. Our cannabis collection featured strain Blue Dream is a perfect strain to have a good take away of cloudy skies with energizing uplifts of the sativa traits. Taking a stroll in a cloudy downtown city sky with a few puffs of blue dream poof, all the daily worries and stress suddenly fall apart as you walk down the street feeling uplifted and relaxed while admiring all the structures in the city. Not only does Blue dream help to rid the daily stresses of what we call life, its energetic outgoing traits help to transition the depressed by kicking depression away.

Nature Walks

While exploring the city is great, sometimes we all need a little time with nature to get back to our roots. Our Premium Cannabis Collection features the perfect strains that strengthen the connection we have with mother earth. Trainwreck is definitely an outdoor favorite for many. One for having some small psychedelic effects that can make the wilderness extremely funny or calm. Trainwreck is not for the inexperienced and can have some very high THC levels. It not only comes with a small psychedelic high but its uplifting mood and happy thoughts make a great time while out in the wild listening to the trees or watching a controlled fire while roasting marshmallows.

Indoor Activities With Our Cannabis Collection

While some prefer the outdoors, many like staying in. With many great activities while high, like being able to sit on the couch snuggling up with your partner watching Netflix or even turning on that Xbox to play games. I mean who doesn’t like a good FPS or RPG game? Playing some good old fashion call of duty strategizing with the friends online or just wildly spraying and praying that you hit. We know that the senses are heightened with our god’s green crack to make sure every round is the best round. Taking a few puffs of god’s green crack from our premium cannabis collection will not only leave the senses heightened, but its help with innovation brings awesome ideas to smoothly taking down the enemies while playing COD. With personal experience on this one, the best games are the ones played after some god’s green crack.

Bedroom Activities

Experimental fun is always a great way to find new things to enjoy. Especially in the bedroom where the kinky starts and stops. Many studies have concluded, cannabis can be a great way to last longer without the pill. One great strain in our Cannabis collection is none other than wedding cake. Widely known to increase performance in the naughty room to increase the pleasures of both partners. When smoked, wedding cake gives users a strong sense of excitement and energy that keeps the user composed. Combined with its body relaxing effects gives a full send to the lower male and female parts inducing creativity in the bedroom.

In conclusion

Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, High Garden Marijuana has all the necessary flowers in our premium cannabis collection to aid the daily users with competitive pricing and first class customer service.