5 Ways to Tell You’re Smoking Top-Shelf Weed


Are you a smoker of top-shelf weed? Maybe you’re not sure if you are. Maybe you don’t even know what top-shelf cannabis is. No problem! In this blog post we will be going over the 5 areas you must know to determine top-shelf cannabis. The categories we will be discussing are Aroma, Aesthetics, Texture, Taste, and lastly Genetics. These five tips will help you tell whether or not you’re smoking quality bud. Enjoy!

What is a Top-Shelf Weed?

Top shelf cannabis AKA best weed, is a term used to describe high-quality marijuana where you can buy weed online. The top shelf designation goes to the highest grade of premium bud offered for sale. There are other terms that would mean the same as Top-Shelf, and they are: AAAA and Quads.

Marijuana possesses several different grades, and top-shelf bud is typically considered as “the best of the best.” This designation is subjective depending on the dispensary selling the weed and the customer buying it. Top shelf cannabis might also refer to an extremely potent strain available for purchase at a particular dispensary or rec shop.

There exists no universal way of breaking down marijuana varieties into grades or classifications. Some dispensaries use numbers and others just letters.

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The Aroma of Top-Shelf Bud

Top shelf weed is known for its high quality and strong aroma. It has a pungent, skunky smell almost dank-like that is often associated with high-quality strains. The smell of top-shelf cannabis is typically more potent than lower-quality strains.

How Does Aroma Relate to Cannabis and Why Does That Matter for Your Health

So you bought some nice weed from a dispensary. That’s awesome. It smells good and it makes you feel great, right? But what if you’re not feeling so great the next day or the weed is losing its flavour already?

So why do aroma and cannabis matter? Surely a drug that gets you high is only as good as how effective it is at getting you high…

When the cannabis is being grown, it’s emitting a smell of its own. It could even emit specific aromas based on how it’s being cultivated. The same goes for when the cannabis is being cured after harvest – but more on curing later… Let’s stick with cultivation because that’s where most people have problems.

So if greenhouse-grown marijuana emits a characteristic smell during growth, why do some batches taste or smell “off”? Well, every plant has microscopic enemies which cause rot and mold during cultivation.

The Enemy

These enemies (such as “grey mold”) emit their specific scent, which can ruin the taste of your weed. It’s like you love pizza, but if you eat it after someone has thrown up on it then that’s probably not going to be a great experience for you. So let’s explore what causes these “off” smells and how you can avoid them – because really who wants gross weed?

When cultivating indoors, the humidity will be one of the reasons why the nugs rot. When cannabis is too moist, gray mold will develop much faster than normal. Then gray mold happens, well… your weed starts to smell like sh!t : smokeable sh!t, but still sh!t…

In addition, when cannabis gets covered in mold, it can cause respiratory problems when you’re smoking.

Another reason why cannabis sometimes becomes discolored during cultivation is when light does not reach all parts of the plant. So if your grow room isn’t lit correctly then this affects how all your plants develop and that changes their taste and aroma profiles – which isn’t good if you bought some expensive weed :-

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Aesthetics and Texture

Did you know that top shelf weed has a different appearance from lower-quality weed? It’s true! There are distinct differences in the leaves, seeds, and stems of higher grade pot. Read on for a quick lesson on how to spot high-quality buds by its appearance and texture!

Step 1: Look at the Manicured Buds

When looking at the cannabis flower itself, keep an eye out for crystals. These trichomes are responsible for containing the psychoactive ingredients in your favorite green herb. If you can’t identify any crystals it means that there isn’t enough THC and that it’s low quality and if you see a lot of crystals then that strain has a high THC level. You want to have a nice balance of trichomes and leaves, so try to stick with strains that have about half as much leaf matter as trichomes. Keep in mind that different colorations of the nugs can mean radically different things! For example, green hues indicate plants that are younger or growing while amber hues usually point to older plants.

Step 2: Look at the Seeds!

Identity for seeds or stems inside your flower. Some people say it’s okay to break up buds containing seeds because they are hardy enough to survive the trip through a grinder. However, if you find them you should probably avoid buying any flowers from this source because these little guys will go on to create more plants! If you don’t have a grinder, you can use your fingers to remove any seed from your bud.


Step 3: Look at the Stems!

Identify if you can see mold on the stem. Maybe you find that pesky twig that got stuck in the buds and then dried up into a deformed shape? These things may seem like no big deal, but they’re an important sign of quality. If there’s damage, mold, or signs of rot present on the buds it means that bacteria is growing inside which makes the flower less appealing (due to the risk of contamination) and possibly more dangerous (if contaminants such as E Coli or Salmonella are present). So make sure your pot is nice and clean before it hits the bong!

Step 4: Look at the Leaf Matter!

The next is to identify If you see a lot of leaves, it’s safe to say that this weed is not top shelf. Keep in mind, however, that some strains naturally contain more leaves than others and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t nearly as good. For example, White Widow has a lot of leaflets and looks fluffy while OG Kush tends to be quite dense because so many trichomes have matured on the plant. Sometimes we even trim our plants! So keep an eye out for anything that might resemble excess foliage or vegetation when deciding if your quality buds belong on the top shelf or not.

To sum it up, Top shelf weed is often described as looking “pretty”. The nugs are typically well-manicured and have a frosty appearance, due to the THC crystals that cover them. Top shelf strains usually have a higher THC content than other strains, so they tend to be more potent.

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What are the Genetics of Top-Shelf Weed

When it comes to the genetics of top-shelf weed, there are a few things that you need to know. Firstly, the strains that are used to make these products are usually chosen for their potency and flavour. Secondly, the genetic makeup of these strains can vary significantly, which means that the effects of the product can also be quite different. Lastly, it’s important to remember that not all top-shelf cannabis is created equal. So, it’s important to do your research before purchasing a product.

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What is the Taste of Top-Shelf Weed

Top-Shelf Weed is known for its excellent flavour. The strain of weed will affect the taste, but most top-shelf weed strains have a sweet and fruity flavour. The smoke from top-shelf weed is smooth and flavourful, and it doesn’t leave behind a harsh aftertaste.


Final Thoughts!

You know you’re smoking top-shelf cannabis when it’s got a great aroma, attractive appearance, pleasing texture that doesn’t leave your mouth dry after consuming it and tastes delicious. The best way to tell if you have quality buds is by evaluating the genetics of the plant. We went over this in detail throughout this blog post but want to mention once more how important evaluation of genetics can be for determining whether or not you are smoking high-quality marijuana. If any of these points were unclear–or led you to believe they don’t apply because weed isn’t legal where you live–don’t worry! Our team at High Garden Marijuana would love to help answer all your questions about top-shelf strains visit is as your premier online dispensary and the best place to buy weed online. Until then enjoy smoking some of our high-quality marijuana… TOP SHELF BABY!