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The cannabis connoisseur is someone who has taken the time to learn and appreciate cannabis. A marijuana connoisseur will likely have tried several different cannabis types and may be able to tell you where a strain originates from, and it’s typical effects and flavor profile. marijuana connoisseurs typically take great pride in knowing all there is about cannabis and cannabis products.

What makes a cannabis connoisseur?

People who are marijuana connoisseurs typically have extensive knowledge about cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis cultivation. Connoisseurs will know the difference between a cannabis strain that is sativa dominant or indica dominant. They will also be well aware of how any cannabis product reacts with their body and mind.

What type of cannabis connoisseur are you?

There are marijuana connoisseurs in many different forms. Some prefer cannabis products that incorporate cannabis with food, while others may want cannabis for its medicinal effects. Other connoisseurs enjoy smoking cannabis purely for recreational purposes. If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis check us out and learn more about our online dispensary.

Why is it important to have one if you aren’t one

If connoisseurs are gaining popularity, then there are certainly more cannabis products being created to meet the demand for cannabis enthusiasts. There is a cannabis product out there for everyone who wants one so if you haven’t tried something new lately, it may be time to give the different types of cannabis a try!

Different types of Cannabis connoisseur and our online dispensary

How do you become one yourself?

The marijuana connoisseur has been around for hundreds of years and it’s certain that cannabis will continue to be a staple in our society. For those who want to learn more about cannabis and cannabis products, we can help! Not only do we have an online dispensary but we also offer educational material. Learning about cannabis and cannabis products is easy and fun! For more information, check us out.

What do marijuana connoisseurs look for when they are inspecting marijuana?

When cannabis connoisseurs are looking at cannabis, they may check it for any defects in the nugs themselves. They might also look to see how dense a cannabis strain is and of course, a connoisseur will always inspect cannabis for mold or mildew.

Edibles marijuana connoisseur look for edibles that are potent and of great quality. Edibles connoisseurs will also look for edibles that are consistent in the effects they create. Finally, edible connoisseurs who appreciate edibles will want to know exactly what ingredients are used in an edible so they can better judge the quality of it.

Extracts Connoisseur’s look for extracts that are potent and of high quality. Extracts connoisseurs will also look for consistency in the effects from one use to another. A marijuana connoisseur who values extracts will take great interest in knowing exactly what ingredients are being used to create an extract.


connoisseurs know what they want and have a preference for specific products. Everyone has their cannabis of choice, but the difference is that a cannabis connoisseur takes pride in knowing what they’re getting themselves into. Visit us at High Garden Marijuana and start with grading some of our high quality marijuana. We are always open to reviews good and bad.