Highgarden Marijuana Dispensary source marijuana buds from the best cannabis flowers in Canada, cultivated by AAA rated growers.
Our network of growers specialize in producing the best cannabis flowers in Canada through craft and large batch growing, while we focus on only getting the best products in Canada from these growers and farmers.

This means details do not get missed. And only the best quality buds are brought from them, to you.
When we are prospecting for new products to add to our showcase, we maintain a very high standard for both our growers and ourselves.
The quality and shelf-life of the marijuana buds are monitored very closely. A few examples of our monitoring metrics and factors are: Excess dryness, mold, and unnatural discoloration due to fungus or unhealthy plants.

We Keep A Close Eye:
Pre-screening: When buds arrive for packaging, they are inspected for imperfections.
Constant Inspection: We inspect the buds instantly on a schedule to prevent infestation and ensure quality.
Pre-delivery Inspection: Before each bud is shipped out, they are closely inspected for any degradation or deterioration.
Over the years, communities in BC and across Canada have created a strong cannabis culture where individuals have come together in BC to showcase some of the best marijuana strains the world has to offer.
We proudly support the cannabis community, both growers and users, and the continued research of both medical and recreational marijuana.