Earn rewards when you spend with High Garden

We value your loyalty and would love to give back to you. For every $1.00 you spend with High Garden Marijuana you will receive 20 rewards points. 

Earn Referral and Review Rewards Points with High Garden

Earn up to 500 rewards points for each referral  you invite who breaks 5000 points. There are no limits to how many referral rewards you can earn.

In addition for every product review you write you will 100 points.

So start spreading the word today and rack up those rewards points!

Rewards Bonus Points, Giveaways and Promotions

Not all products are created equal and nor should the rewards points values. For our Gold and Platinum members you will be showered with opportunities to earn more points for certain products. So make sure to check you are following our newsletters.

How HGM Rewards Points Work

  1. Earn Rewards points by any of the options above
  2. With 500 point you will achieve Bronze Membership Status and now get 15% off Store wide*
  3. Continue earning points to reach Silver, Gold and Platinum Status for higher discounts
  4. Once you reached Platinum Status you are now eligible to receive 30% off store wide and begin to access free goods.
  5. You will be now be able to use your points to get free stuff**



* Discount is not applicable to clearance and bulk items

**Your points will be reset to zero and there after any accumulated points can be used to access free goodies.