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Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flowers have both Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant characteristics, resulting in a balanced, stable high. The primary distinction is that Indicas and Sativas give off different “highs.” Hybrids combine the relaxing body and sleepy, calm highs from the Indica strain with the pain relief provided by the Sativa strain. Balanced hybrids provide a high that is the best of both worlds, leaning towards one or the other depending on which strain was dominant in the plant; hybrid strains are also known as Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flowers.

When it comes to the Indica vs. Sativa debate, a hybrid is your best bet because it combines the best features of both strains. Depending on which major strain predominates over the other, hybrids offer a powerful Indica or Sativa high.

The characteristics of each strain are combined in the offspring, which is often has features from both strains. When two different strains are bred together, a new variety emerges that retains the characteristics and properties of the parental strains.

Some traits may overpower one another, owing to the lineage of each breed. These types are what distinguish Hybrids from Indicas and Sativas. Marijuana breeding is the process of mixing two different strains to develop a new one.


Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flowers

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