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Sativa Dominant Hybrid are THC-rich strains and is said to have a creative, energizing, and euphoric high. The imagination is brought within the brain with this general term for the head or mind high.

The uplifting, cerebral high of the Sativa strain is more powerful than the Indica high, which is felt throughout the body. It’s a great stimulant for “wake and bake” since it offers a considerably more energetic high with hallucinogenic effects compared to its counterpart (Indica) that induces a very soothing feeling.

The sativa is often compared to caffeine since it increases alertness and provides a sharp burst of energy, making it ideal for daytime usage.

Potent marijuana strains are often referred to as Sativas because they have a higher THC content and relatively less CBD. These cannabis plants aid with concentration, having been observed to increase lighting and sounds. Sativa Dominant Hybrid For morning or afternoon use, sativas are advised.


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